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Suffolk Young Carers

At Carlton Colville we know we have pupils who qualify as young carers. A young carer is under 18 and often caring for a close family member who is ill, frail, possibly disabled or suffering from mental health difficulties.
These pupils often take responsibility for both the practical and emotional care of others when that responsibility would normally be assumed by an adult. Investigations suggest a minimum 700,000 young carers in the UK although many do not realise they are classed as such.
We are aware young carers often need extra support to ensure they can fully access both the curriculum and other activities in school. Carlton Colville Primary school is fully committed to ensure that all pupils identified as young carers within our school, are fully supported both in and out of school.
Our Pastoral Leader, Mrs Easter, is the School Suffolk Young Carers Lead. Mrs Easter is responsible for all SYC referrals. This complements our school policy of ensuring all pupils have equal opportunities, access to learning and all school activities. This will enable our SYC pupils to enjoy and celebrate success alongside their non SYC peers.
For more information on Suffolk Young Carers, please visit. https://suffolkfamilycarers.org/

Rainbow Area

In school we also have our Rainbow area. Our Rainbow area is a calm area where children can spend time away from the Classroom environment supervised by our Pastoral Team.

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