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Pupil Voice and Leadership in our School

This year we are proud to be offering 9 different pupil leadership roles, giving the children the chance to make a positive impact on our school community.  We believe it’s important to have a pupil led culture where children take on key leadership roles and that their voices are heard.  We also want to help mould leaders of the future and we are continually striving to craft confident and articulate pupils who can share their views and apply their leadership skills to real life situations.

Within each leadership role we actively encourage children to challenge, discuss and debate topics which are important to them and to our wider society.  These leadership teams support aspects of the school including the curriculum, the learning behaviour and wellbeing and our school environment.

  Family Circle Groups  

E- Cadets


Eco Warriors Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Sports Play Leaders

Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior Librarians


Museum Curators Wildlife Wardens

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