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Welcome To Carlton Colville Primary School

Welcome to Carlton Colville Primary School

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I am delighted to welcome you to Carlton Colville Primary School. We hope you find our website clear, informative and easy to navigate.  It is designed to give you a flavour of the vibrant life of our school, the work of our pupils and the quality education we strive to deliver.

We are a friendly, caring school with high expectations of all our pupils. Our children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. The staff endeavour to provide a calm, yet stimulating learning environment where good behaviour and mutual respect is paramount and where everyone is valued.

Parents and carers play a very important part of school life and we value our partnership with them. We all share responsibility for the children’s education so that, as partners, we can promote high standards of learning, behaviour and attitudes to enable every child to reach their full potential.

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Carlton Colville Primary by browsing our website. You are more than welcome to visit us, see our school first hand and meet our friendly children and staff.

Mr. B Axon

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  • General
    6 June 2023
    Vacancies for Midday Supervisor
    Good morning We currently have 2 positions available to join our midday team on a casual basis (Monday to Friday during term time) Details are available on the school website along with a support staff application form. The application can be handed in to the office or emailed to myself - mrs.everett-day@carltoncolvilleprimary.co.uk If you or a friend/neighbour are interested please complete the form as fully as possible, providing references to cover the last 5 years. There will be an expectation that essential training is undertaken once or twice a year, usually on PD Days. Thank you
  • General
    26 May 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to a the Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20104%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2026th%20May%202023-59353_20230526144627920.pdf Regards
  • General
    19 May 2023
    Lamarti's Ice Cream Van
    We are pleased to advise Lamarti's ice cream van will be at our school at the end of the school day on the following dates: * Friday 26th May * Friday 16th June * Thursday 22nd June * Friday 30th June - Summer Fun Hour * Friday 7th July * Friday 21st July - last day of term He will be parked in the staff car park (cage) so will be accessed from the playground.
  • General
    18 May 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to a Special Edition of the Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20103%20-%20Special%20%20The%20Acorn,%2019th%20May%202023%20(2)-1423_20230518151254408.pdf Regards
  • General
    12 May 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to an amended Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20102%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2012th%20May%202023%20(1)-24640_20230512153117098.pdf Regards
  • Important
    27 April 2023
    Book Sale
    Dear Parents & Carers We are planning to hold a book sale on Wednesday 10th May and Thursday 11th May at 3:20 pm outside the Year 1 classrooms. The books on sale range from phonic phases 2 - 5 and also colour band books (beyond phonics phase 5). If you would like to purchase some of these books they will only cost 20p per book or 6 books or £1. All the money raised will go towards buying lovely new books to further enhance our school's early reading provision. Best wishes
  • General
    21 April 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to an amended Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20101%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2021st%20April%202023-5578_20230421153348315.pdf Regards
  • General
    31 March 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to an amended Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20100%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2031st%20March%202023-41649_20230331152053357.pdf Regards
  • General
    17 March 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to an amended Acorn https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%2099%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2017th%20March%202023-7856_20230317152136521.pdf Regards
  • Important
    17 March 2023
    Wearable Technology
    Dear Parents/Carers Just a reminder that children are not allowed to have wearable technology (smart watches etc) in school that are Internet enabled or able to take photographs or videos for safeguarding reasons. Our Acceptable Use Policy in the policies section of our school website has full details. Thank you for your continued support.
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Attendance Matters at Carlton Colville Primary......

Above 97%: Less than 6 days absence a year - Excellent attendance
95%:  attendance equates to 10 days absence in a school year - Good attendance
90%:  attendance equates to 19 days absence in a school year. Will be difficult for these children to achieve their best
85%: attendance equates to 29 days absence in a school year.  Classed as persistent absentees by the government.
80%: attendance equates to 38 days absence in a school year. Could result in legal action being taken by the Local Authority.

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