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Our Friends group support the work of the school by raising an incredible amount of money which allows us to heavily subsidise School visits and trips for the children and provide equipment for the children to enjoy. The friends recently  funded our new story telling circle which allows a whole class to take part in story telling sessions as part of our status as Suffolk's first storytelling school.

Our achievements are only possible with your continued support – we have held sponsored events, sold ice creams, held clothing collections, arranged class photos, held film clubs and a disco.  Last year we also received match funding supported by parents who work at a local bank.  If you know of any companies who may like to support/work with us please contact Mrs Everett-Day, Business Manager (mrs.everett-day@carltoncolvilleprimary.co.uk).

School Lottery

One way of giving the school regular support and standing the chance of winning a cash prize is to join the school lottery. The School Lottery is well supported and for under £5 per month you have the chance to win a weekly prize (currently around £40) which increases on ticket sales and also a chance to win £25,000.  This is open to parents, family and friends – please go to yourschoollottery.co.uk to sign up, select Carlton Colville and add your bank details. 

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