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  • Important
    6 May 2020
    Message from Staff
    Please see attached.
  • Important
    29 April 2020
    The Story of 2020
    Mrs Gray & Mrs Jagger have produced a nice video which sums up the current situation for the kids - please take a look. The video is on the home screen of the School Website. Take care and stay safe.
  • General
    27 April 2020
    Letter for Allan Cadzow, Suffolk Director for Children and Young People
    Dear Parents and Carers I am very please to share with you a letter I received from Mr Allan Cadzow, Corporate Director for Children and Young People, regarding our recent Ofsted inspection. It is fantastic to hear that our recent Ofsted 'Outstanding' outcome has been recognised by Mr Cadzow and the Local Authority. Mr Cadzow also sends on his congratulations to all our children, staff, parents and carers. Please read his attached letter for more information. Best wishes Mr B Axon
  • Important
    24 April 2020
    Headteacher Update
    Good Afternoon Please see attached letter.
  • Important
    8 April 2020
    Ofsted Report
    Please follow the link to the latest Ofsted Report: - https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Ofsted%20Inspection%20Report-23892.pdf Regards
  • Important
    8 April 2020
    Ofsted Outcome
    Good Afternoon Please see attached letter. Many thanks
  • Important
    2 April 2020
    Summer Term Home Learning
    Dear Parents/Carers, Many thanks to all of you who responded to the Home Learning questionnaire this week. We received 243 responses and there were some clear messages coming through that have really helped us develop our approach to the Home Learning provision for the Summer term. This is a summary of the responses: • The vast majority of parents/carers found that the Home Learning set so far was easy to access, easy to understand and about the right amount. • The vast majority felt that either 1-2 hours or 2-3 hours a day was the right amount (fairly even split). • The vast majority would find it helpful to have it broken down into daily tasks. • Most of the written feedback comments were about difficulties in printing things out at home and that they would appreciate a bit more structure in daily expectations. Therefore, starting from Tuesday 21st April (and then each Monday after that) the Year group page on the school website will have a link for that week’s Home Learning, which will be broken down into daily tasks and activities. Each day there will be some learning for English, Maths and topic/other curriculum areas and there may also be some ‘ongoing’ tasks. As a rough guide teachers are planning for approximately two hours worth of work per day, although obviously this is not an exact science. As before, if your child finds it too challenging or not challenging enough you can look at other Year groups as well. For those families that want to do more there will be plenty of links to other avenues and opportunities to explore. As much as possible the learning provided will either be tasks that can be completed online (e.g. My Maths or Education City) or in a format that does not require any printing out. Sometimes there may be worksheets that you can print out if you choose to, but if you can’t this won’t be a problem and won’t stop you completing them - you should just be able to write answers on a piece of paper or in a book. Unfortunately it will no longer be possible to produce paper copies of the tasks and activities to collect from school for those families that initially requested this. This is not sustainable going forwards so you will need visit the school website to access the tasks and activities from now on. We apologise if this will cause you a problem, but it is unavoidable at this difficult time. We want to make it clear that we fully understand the challenges that many families are experiencing with managing Home Learning alongside other demands and pressures and know that there may be days where the Home Learning is just not manageable for you. We certainly do not want to add any extra worry or stress, so please do not worry if you are not able to do everything every day - just do what you can. To re-iterate what I said last last week it is impossible to recreate a 'normal' school day at home and this is not the aim. Keep things positive, manageable and (hopefully) fun and we will get through this together. The staff are fully committed to supporting you and your children and remember that you can contact them with any queries via the email address on the year group page. (Please use this email rather than the office email for Home Learning queries). Class Dojo Following a successful trial with Year 6 we now want to roll out home access to Class Dojo in years 1-5 as a way for teachers to keep in closer contact with the children. (Nursery and Reception children already have this facility via Tapestry). For this to happen we need you to do the following as soon as possible: • send a blank email to the year group email contact address with your child’s name as the subject. You will then be able to receive joining instructions. Once we have your email address we will also be able to send you some new individual login details for ‘Developing Experts’ (online Science platform), MyMaths (Years 1 and 2) and Education City, which we have 2 months free access to. You will need these for some of the daily tasks that will be set. Nursery and Reception children will receive these via Tapestry. We hope that you will find these arrangements reasonable and manageable for you. Rest assured, we will continue to reflect on our provision and make any adjustments as necessary going forwards. Thanks for your continued support.
  • Important
    1 April 2020
    Keyworker Provision - Easter Holidays
    Good Afternoon I am pleased to confirm that we will continue to offer the Keyworker Provision over the Easter Holidays, with the exception of Friday 10th April and Monday 13th April when the school will be closed. Please continue to email office@carltoncolvilleprimary.co.uk with your requirements or any changes to your days/dates. Thank you - Stay Safe
  • Important
    30 March 2020
    Pastoral Support
    Dear Parents/Carers We want to advise you about a new service we are starting to support our children and families at this challenging and worrying time. Some younger children are very anxious about these ongoing events. Our website has a story to help parents explain the virus to their children. The story is called ‘Don’t worry, Little Bear!’ You can find it on our Reception and Nursery home learning pages – Enjoy sharing with your children! A member of the pastoral or safeguarding team will be in school to take phone calls where you will have the opportunity to seek advice regarding your child, report a safeguarding concern or any other pastoral matter you wish to discuss. These calls can be made on a Tuesday and Friday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm by calling the school office on 01502 572682 and will then be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff. Outside these hours safeguarding concerns can be reported on our designated safeguarding email safeguarding@carltoncolvilleprimary.co.uk and urgent concerns can be reported directly to Customer First on 0800 800 4005 (this is available 24hrs). Please make use of this service if you need to and stay safe. Kind Regards
  • General
    30 March 2020
    Friends Group
    Good morning Firstly I hope you and your families are well and looking after each other. Please tell the children that Willow is fine and enjoying her one walk a day. As you will know the Friends group fund raises for additional items not paid for from the school budget. At the end of the budget year our aim is to have funds to support the following year’s school trips. During this unprecedented time when we are all staying at home and possibly shopping online can I ask you to consider signing up to easyfundraising? I believe that if you register by 31st March using the link below that the school receives £7 just for you registering. There is no cost to yourselves to use this site and you use it as a home page and then click through to your chosen retailer who then donate a percentage of your purchase price. https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/focarltcolvps/?invite=WPDIXR&referral-campaign=c2s I am aware that some of you will be struggling financially and I fully understand that this will not be a priority to you, but please be assured, I am asking this to support the following year’s fundraising so we can continue to support the school visits. Some schools are raising thousands using this method. If you are in the position to have a flutter the school lottery is still producing a weekly winner and you can sign up at yourschoollottery.co.uk and search Carlton Colville Please stay well and we will soon be back to discos and film clubs with the children.
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