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Pupil Leaders

Pupil Leadership at Carlton Colville Primary

We believe that encouraging our pupils to participate in pupil leadership roles helps them to develop a range of personal skills and qualities along with benefiting the children and the wider school community.
There are many leadership opportunities for pupils to contribute to the life of our school. These include:

  • Family Circle Group Leaders
  • Eco-Warriors
  • Online Safety Officers
  • Museum Team
  • Curiosity Curators
  • Junior Librarians
  • Play Leaders
  • Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)
    Members of staff oversee each of the pupil leadership roles and follow an application process when appointing new pupil leaders. Regular meetings are held throughout the academic year so to continually develop and sustain a positive impact across the school and beyond.
    Below are the pupil leadership roles we are currently running at our school, along with some supporting information about each of them.
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Online Safety Leaders

Online Safety Leaders are a group of year 5 and 6 pupils who get involved in spreading online safety messages across the school. They complete challenges such as creating online safety leaflets or posters and by running assemblies and presentations for their peers. Mr Graham runs the Online Safety Leaders.

Museum Team

Our school museum, named ‘The Museum of Curiosity and Questions’, is situated in the centre of our school and aims to provide all children with the opportunity to approach History in a “real” hands-on, practical and interactive way. By providing a range of artefacts and activities for children to access during their free time we hope to promote a love of History and learning and to inspire them to be curious and ask questions. 
The museum team, a group of Year 4, 5 and 6 children, run our school museum at lunchtime every day and encourage any visitors to the museum to experience History ‘through their fingers’. They achieve this in a range of ways, including:
*setting up and helping children to explore artefacts of their choice.
*dressing up and creating small role play scenarios based on the past.
*telling stories from throughout history.
*taking groups of children out into the grounds (in the warmer months) to visit and experience the Celtic round house and WW2 Anderson shelter.

Junior Librarians

Our school library is a popular and well used resource and is run at lunchtimes by our Junior Librarians who check books in and out using our computerised library system and help the younger children select suitable books.

Junior Road Safety Officers

The JRSOs teach everyone about road safety and run competitions.

Curiosity Corner Leaders

Curiosity Corner Leaders are responsible for managing the Curiosity Corner provision and providing learning opportunities to children across the school. The main purpose of this provision is to showcase a wide range of interesting artifacts and unusual objects which help inspire the children to learn more about them. The leaders also create performances to reenact great historical moments such as the story of Mary Anning and Boudicca’s revolt.  Curiosity Corner is open twice a day, every day, during the morning playtime and lunchtime.

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