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Year 6 - Autumn 2

This half term we will begin a new topic entitled “We’ll Meet Again” as soon as Dumbledore’s Feast is concluded. The new topic will involve going back in time to look at what childhood was like during World War II in Lowestoft. We will be looking closely at “War Boy” by Michael Foreman, who spent his childhood in Lowestoft during the war. We will be analysing this book as a historical source and will be comparing his childhood to our own. We will also use the film text “Goodnight Mr Tom” and look at a range of stories with a World War II setting.
The focus is on wartime childhood and war on the Home Front. In writing, the children will write a diary entry from the perspective on an evacuee child and will also write an information text on an aspect of life on the Home Front, such as evacuation, rationing and digging for victory.
This half term will also see the launch of the second home-learning challenge for year 6 – looking at wartime rationing and recipes, and possibly having a go at cooking at home! We hope you enjoy this exciting learning with your child.
In addition to all of this learning, we will of course be preparing a Christmas Carol Concert for parents and carers to enjoy just before the Christmas holidays. We will be using wartime artist Eric Ravilious as inspiration for some special Christmas Cards and other artwork.

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