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Spring Term Part 1
Happy New Year Lions and Falcons! Happy 2021!
We are so sorry that the year is not beginning as we envisaged (with all of us together in class as usual). However, the year 6 team are going to do their utmost to ensure that this period of remote learning is a positive one for you, whether you are in the key workers’ class or are learning from home. 
A member of the year 6 team will always be available to support you every weekday between 8:30am and 4pm, so please message us through Class Dojo or Google Classroom whenever you need support. 
This term, we are finishing off our learning about life in Britain during World War II. We will be learning about different aspects of life on the home front including: rationing, digging for victory and evacuation. 
In science, we are finishing our learning about materials and will then be starting an electricity topic! Hopefully, the electricity learning can be linked to World War II as we learn about the circuitry used to make bulbs light up and sirens and alarms sound. 
In maths, we will focus on an aspect of arithmetic every Monday. To begin with, the rest of the week will be focused on shape, space and measurement. For example, in the first week we will be looking at perimeter. A lot of the maths learning will be conducted through mymaths as well as Google Classroom. During your maths lesson, make sure you have read the instructions carefully and watched any video links attached to the lesson. If you get totally stuck, please message your teacher through Class Dojo, because they will be able to support you by organising a Google Meet or posting a video.
Later on this half term, we hope to begin to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. 
Spring Term Part 2
Well done lions and falcons for all of the great learning you have achieved during the first half term. Whether you have been working remotely or in school, or as a mixture of both, the year 6 team are very proud of you.
The Egyptian topic is now well underway and we hope that you will have the opportunity to research your own areas of interest within history lessons this half term. 
Similarly, we are progressing well through our class reader “Holes”, and this text will continue to provide writing opportunities for us to explore. 
In maths, our learning has moved on from fractions, decimals and percentages and we are now being introduced to algebra and in science we are continuing to gain a deeper understanding of electronics. 
This half term will also have an emphasis on physical activity, to promote health and wellbeing during this difficult time, especially now that the weather should improve and the clocks go forward an hour. 
As always, please contact a member of the year 6 team if there is anything you would like to discuss regarding your child’s learning, health or wellbeing. 

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