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Year 5 - Summer 1

This summer term, we will be exploring the topic ‘Our World’. We will be jumping into our learning by exploring biomes from around the world, as well as paying particularly close attention to our own biome we live in here in England. By creating terrariums, we will be able to see what our biome looks like compared to others.
This geography focused topic will also have us exploring other countries around the world and developing a deeper understanding of climate zones, as well as other geographic zones and human geography, linking it to land use and distribution of natural resources. From here, we will also be able to explore renewable resources and look at the effects of pollution and waste on our environment and our world.
In literacy, we will be reading a range of texts involving travel, other cultures around the world and more. This will lead into opportunities to write as we explore an adventure story and create our own poetry based on pollution in our world.
In maths, we will be continuing our learning in fractions, decimals and percentages before studying geometry, shape and measures- linking this to food technology later in the term.

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