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Our spring term topic is ‘Incredible Invaders’. We will be learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and what life was like in those times. We will learn about the battles between the Celts and the Romans. We will cover lots of geography and history objectives to help us understand when and why they invaded and settled in the UK. We will consider the viewpoints of all parties and identify what these cultures added to our society. 

In literacy, we will begin by writing action scenes! We will watch lots of films with exciting action chases and also read example texts, before writing our own. We will then move onto poetry. If possible, we will develop our computing skills by making videos of us performing poems. We will write poems about winter animals. Later in the term, we will write a speech for Queen Boudicca and write a diary entry for the day in the life of a Celt. We will finish with a character description of Queen Boudicca after deciding if we agree with her actions or not.

In maths, we will focus on multiplication, division and fractions. Please keep practising column addition and subtraction, so these new skills are further embedded. In science we will be studying light and forces and magnets. We will continue to speak and write French! In art we will paint portraits of Queen Boudicca. In DT we will design and build a roman chariot. 

It is vital you read with your child as much as you can, remember- Children who read, succeed! We expect your child to read to an adult at least 4 times a week. 

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