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Year 2

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Year 2

Summer 2 2019 

Following on from our travels with Charles Darwin, year two will be extending their geographical and scientific knowledge with a study of rainforests. We will be comparing the climate of the rainforest with our own and learning about how the seasons and climate are affected and controlled by the sun. We will find out as scientists that the sun provides energy which is passed along food chains, both here and in the rainforest.

As readers we will be enjoying What The Ladybird Heard and writing some instructions for some bungling burglars to follow. We will also be reading The Pied Piper of Hamelin and writing a similar story set in the rainforest.

We end the term by deciding what we think about an important global issue and having found out about the homes and culture of the rainforest tribe consider whether logging should be allowed in the rainforest.

We will be improving our Athletic skills culminating in an exciting Sports day! As designers we will make a picture of the rainforest with a moving animal. In Maths we will improve our understanding of position and direction and reinforce our understanding of the four operations.

This term ends with transition activities to ensure your child is secure and happy about their move to Year Three.

The pictures below are of our recent learning together. As you can see we are working really hard!

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