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Welcome to Farm to Fork!

This half term, as scientists we explore the big idea that all living things share specific life processes/needs. We learn about the different foods animals, including humans eat and learn subject specific vocabulary, for example carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We then have lots of fun looking at the human body and our five senses. We do interesting investigations such as seeing how important our senses are in everyday life.
As historians, we will recap on The Great Exhibition and also explore through pictures, artefacts and books how Victorian children used to live, not just in the city, but also in the countryside.
As artists, we will be exploring the work of Paul Klee and take inspiration from his cityscapes, made with abstract shapes. We also have fun taking our pencil on a walk and filling in with a variety of pastels and paint.
In literacy, as writers, we will learn the features of a good traditional tale and we will innovate our own version of The Princess and The Pea.
As readers, we are going to begin guided reading, where we will read a range of different texts, from fiction to non-fiction, including a range of traditional tales.
As mathematicians, we will return to place value, focusing on partitioning two-digit numbers, using bar models and part and whole models as different representations for this. We will also cover money and 2D shapes within this half term.
As food technologists we will enjoy making our own sandwiches and getting better at practical skills such as cutting, spreading, chopping, etc.
In RE, we will continue to explore the practices and beliefs of Judaism.
In PE, we will continue dance, learning to imitate and innovate a sequence of actions as well as movements.
In RSE, we are learning about the human body, linking to science, and how to keep ourselves safe.

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