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Welcome to Nursery!

Our second topic this term is called ‘How does your farm grow?'
We will be learning about farms and will have a focus each week (e.g.  farm machinery, farm animals and food that we get from farms).
Some of the activities we will be completing this half term are-
- Planting a broad bean and looking at the lifecycle of a bean plant.
- Labelling (a plant, mother and baby animals)
- Cutting out and sorting old and new farm machinery.
- Looking at the lifecycle of a hen.
- Learning about crops and cereals.
- Making flapjacks and writing a label for our creation.
- Writing a list of vegetables.
- Making chocolate nests for Easter.
- Learning the story ‘The Little Red Hen’.
In Phonics, we will continue to consolidate our knowledge and understanding of rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, syllables and oral blending and segmenting. We will also continue learning the phase 2 phonemes. Please keep an eye on the board in our cloakroom that tells you the sounds we are learning each week. We will be introducing the first 6 ‘tricky’ words to the children this half term. These are words that the children need to recognise by sight as they cannot be sounded out. The phase 2 tricky words that we are introducing are: I, the, no, go, to & into.
In Maths, we will continue to build on our counting skills (counting out loud and 1:1 correspondence). We will also be comparing amounts and talking about the same, more and less. Activities aimed at building the children’s curiosity about numbers will be planned to develop their skills. We will build on our number recognition and learn more about patterns, shapes and positional language. We link our Maths activities and sessions to our topic as much as possible which the children really enjoy.
We aim to celebrate World Book day and Sports Relief this half term. Further details will be given out soon.
As always please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about anything, including our curriculum or your child’s learning.
Thank you for your continued support with our parent book change and home learning tasks. We hope you are enjoying borrowing the funky fingers bags and are finding them useful. If you have not borrowed one yet, please sign up on a Friday morning with us so you can try one out.


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