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Welcome to Nursery!

The children in the Nursery have been busy over the past half term using some brilliant Julia Donaldson stories as the basis for our work. We have created some lovely art work, played maths and phonics games based on the stories, drawn a map and learned some of the names for baby animals as we matched mothers and babies.

More recently we have been doing lots of Christmas activities. We are especially proud of the children who have, through our storytelling, learned a story (Santa’s Suit) which they told to their parents at our performance. The children also learned and sang lots of Christmas songs.

Next half term we have will be thinking about some of the people who help us in our day to day lives, both at home and in the wider community.

We will begin with the people who help us at home and discuss the things they do for us. We will also look at family diversity and some of the things that make us similar or different as individuals.We will hold a dress up day (as Florence Nightingale or a soldier from the Crimean war) hope everybody will help make this happen. We will have a role-play hospital, write a get well message to Miss Polly’s Dolly and make an “x-ray” picture of our hands. We hope, also, to have a nurse to visit.

We will think about dentists and how they look after our teeth. We will do some counting activities and give some thought to the different foods/drinks that make our teeth happy/sad. Again we hope to have a visit from an oral hygiene educator from J. G Plummer dentists.

The children might also think about who looks after sick animals and we will create a role-play vets surgery. We hope to have a visit from a volunteer from the PDSA to come to talk to the children about caring for animals.

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