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Welcome to Nursery!

Our first topic this term is ‘People who help us’. We will be focusing on people who help us at home and people in medical professions (doctors, nurses, dentists and vets).
We will be learning about people who help us at home for the first two weeks of term. We will then hold a dress up day to launch the start of our learning about medical professions.
Some of the activities we will be completing this half term are-
-Labelling (labelling our drawings of people who help us at home/pretending to be a dentist and labelling parts of a mouth)
-Writing thank you notes/get well cards/lists of animals
-Solving number problems linked to a hospital waiting room/teeth
-Painting (someone who helps us/a pet we would like)
-Funky fingers activities such as cutting out doctor’s equipment for our medical bag, scrubbing pretend bacteria off a laminated mouth and using tweezers to remove pretend teeth!
In Phonics, we will be consolidating our knowledge and understanding of rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, syllables and oral blending and segmenting. We will also begin to learn the phase 2 phonemes. Your child will have a sound book with all the phonemes in and a sign will be up in the Nursery to tell you the sounds we are learning each week. If you have any questions about the phonemes such as how to pronounce the sounds, then please ask or click on the enunciation clip below. We will be holding a phonics workshop this half term. You will receive more details about this nearer the time.
-Phonics enunciation clip, skip to 1:47 seconds to hear how to say the sounds correctly.
‘Sounds of the English Phonic Code- Synthetic Phonics’(by phonicbooks). Scroll down this page for the clip.
In Maths, we will continue to build on our counting skills (counting out loud and 1 to 1 correspondence). We will also be comparing amounts and talking about the same, more and less. Activities aimed at building the children’s curiosity about numbers will be planned to develop their skills. We will build on our number recognition and learn more about representing numbers as well as learning more about patterns and positional language.  
As always please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about anything, including our curriculum or your child’s learning.
Thank you for your continued support with our parent book change and home learning tasks. We hope you are enjoying borrowing the funky fingers bags and are finding them useful. If you have not borrowed one yet, please sign up on a Friday morning with us so you can try one out.


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