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Curriculum Wow Factor

 We aim to enrich our learning in school by the use of guest speakers and educational visits where ever possible to bring our learning alive. A selection of these are reproduced below. Our school gallery page also has pictures of more general school events.

Drawing Winter scenes - Year 3

Year 3 have been developing their drawing skills by creating a winter scene. This work complemented our literacy work, where we are developing our descriptive writing skills. We are writing about winter.
Our drawings were inspired by the illustrations in the Winnie the Witch books written by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas. We drew our designs in pencil and then carefully went over them in handwriting pen. We then painted over parts of the pictures with water, to create a blurred, snowy effect. We all showed fabulous focus throughout the whole afternoon and we each created a beautiful drawing to be displayed around our school. Well done everyone for showing great determination and aspiration in your art work. 

Nursery - Phonics

The Nursery children have started learning the phase 2 sounds in phonics. They painted the sound ‘t’ on toast and loved eating it! We are very proud of the children’s writing of the sounds on whiteboards. 

Saxons and Vikings - Year 4

Year 4 have begun this term's topic, Saxons and Vikings, with an archeological dig in the school grounds! Excavations began in the first week and turned up many fascinating artefacts! Using this experience, the children will write newspaper reports about the event and delve deeper into the world of Saxon Britain. 

Digital Mapping - Year 3

This week, Year 3 children used a digital mapping tool to investigate the marks left on the landscape by Stone Age people in Skara Brae. We carefully studied the different types of online maps and made excellent observations. This was a great way for us to develop our computing and geography skills.

Modern and Ancient Greece Super Start - Year 5

To start off our democracy topic, Year 5 have immersed themselves in Ancient Greek culture. The activities we completed were: mapping sites of interest in and surrounding modern day Greece, designing our own mythical creatures, looking and researching daily life in Ancient Greece and also designing amazing Greek pottery that we then transferred onto our own Greek pot! 

Year 5 Cookery

Year 5 had a great cookery lesson.

Year 1 Victorian Day

Year 1 had a great time learning about the Victorians.

Performance to the residents of Carlton Hall

We were delighted to welcome residents from Carlton Hall into school to watch our Nursery Nativity and the School Choir perform.

Year 4 BFG Tea Party

Thank you to everyone who came to the Year 4 BFG Tea Party. The year 4 children had great fun making all the food for you and we hope you enjoyed it. It was a great way to finish our BFG topic! 

Year 6 Science

Year 6 having a great practical science lesson.

Year 3 visit to Church

Year 3 walked up to the church as part of their work about Christianity. We learnt about the different parts of the church and the importance of the Lord's Prayer to Christians.

Year 4 Digestive System

This week, year 4 have been learning about the digestive system in Science. We listened to a description of the digestive system and acted out each part of the journey. This really helped us to understand each part of the journey and what each organ does to help us digest our food. We all had lots of fun learning in this creative and active way! 

Street Dance Taster Day

Year 2 and 6 enjoying our Street Dance taster day. We all had so much fun!

Year 2 Superhero Vehicles

Last half term for our “Hooray for the Heroes” topic the children wrote fantastic explanation texts about a superhero vehicle that they had designed. Over the half term holidays the children were given a Home Learning challenge to create their superhero vehicle out of junk modelling. This half term the children have started to create their own eBooks in ICT about these vehicles using iMovie. Miss Crick and Miss Moroney are extremely impressed with the results and we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children show and explain what their vehicle can do. Outstanding effort year 2, well done!

BFG Arrival

Year 4 have had a super sparkling start to their new topic this week. The children took part in some role play activities, imagining how it would feel to be the BFG creeping through the village and being spotted by Sophie. As well as imagining how Sophie would feel when she sees the BFG and is taken to Giant Country. We have some fantastic budding actors and actresses with brilliant facial expressions and actions to represent each character. A great start to a busy half term!'   

Year 1 boats

Year 1 made their own boats and tested them to see if they would float!

Year 3 and 4 Football Skills Workshop

Yesterday a group of year 3 and  4 children went to Lowestoft to develop their football skills with other schools  in the area. It was an excellent afternoon where children showcased their current ball skills and also developed them even further. All the children were great ambassadors for the school. Well done everyone!

Year 4 Iron Man- Home Learning

Mrs Clarke and Mr Head are extremely impressed with the Year 4 Iron Man Home Learning challenges. Everyone has been so creative and they are all looking fantastic on display in the atrium. Outstanding effort year 4, well done!

Year 4 - Visit from Sizewell Power Station staff

This week, year 4 have had a visit from Sizewell B. Hugh and Elizabeth from EDF Energy  were very impressed with the electrical safety knowledge of the children and with their inventions using electrical circuits.

Year 5 Space Day

For our Space topic day, the Year 5 Owls and Jaguars were very fortunate to have a visit from David Gwynn who is a STEM Ambassador and astronomer. He taught us all about the life cycle of stars and how they form nebulae.
Using this information, both classes created nebulae in a jar. However, we chose to use paint, cotton wool and glitter rather than hydrogen, helium and soot. We also used books, laptops and our visitors’ vast knowledge of space to begin collecting information to create non-fiction information booklets about stars.
We are really grateful for David’s help today, along with all the jars contributed to Year 5, and are very excited to see him again when he next visits in October!

Time and Tide Visit - Year 3

Year 3 went to the Time and Tide Museum to spend a day learning about life in the Stone Age, how to hunt, the Bronze age, how to trade and the Iron Age, how to throw a throwing axe at your enemy! We had a brilliant time and even made a bronze age brooch.

Iron Man - Year 4

Year 4 Iron Man Arrival 
Year 4 were shocked when they came into school during the first week back. Both classrooms had been demolished by an unknown visitor! Mysteriously, only metal objects had been touched. The children were fantastic detectives and solved the mystery. The Iron Man had arrived! 

Stone Age Day - Year 3

Year 3 had a brilliant start to the year with their Stone Age day. We made Stone Age flat bread and ate it with berries and seeds and we had a treasure hunt outside.

York - Year 6

Year 6 spent an amazing 3 days in the Historic city of York. We visited the National Railway Museam, York Minster, the Jorvic Centre, DIG and even found time for a Ghost walk and a visit to a Chocolate factory.  We all had an amazing time in York!

Eton Vale - Year 4

After months of planning, the Owls and Tigers finally packed their sleeping bags, pillows and suitcases and travelled to Eaton Vale!
When we arrived, the children independently put bed sheets on their mattresses and set up their rooms for the stay. Next, everyone worked in their groups to explore their new environment using maps before stopping for lunch. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, the children set up their food hall by washing hands and putting chairs out. At the end of every mealtime, they worked as a team to wash down tables and restack the chairs.
Each group completed 4 activities on the first day and 6 on the second. By the end of each day they were ready for bed; after a mini film night of course! The last day allowed time for 2 more activities and lunch before we headed back to school.
The children had a fantastic time and experienced a range of activities. They all were incredibly brave and had a go at the activities, showed lovely manners and fantastic teamwork whilst they were away- representing our school well! Thank you to all the adults that came with us, your help was greatly appreciated.

Year 4 in the Allotment.

Year 4 spent some time in the allotment earlier this month. The children enjoyed learning about the different fruit and vegetables that are being grown in the greenhouses and raised beds. We were all surprised that Melons were being grown in the greenhouses as well as how warm the greenhouses were getting.

Children had the opportunity to sow spring onion seeds, tie up and water tomato and cucumber plants and weed the beds.

We are all looking forward to returning to the allotment in a few weeks’ time to see how things have progressed.

Democracy Play - Year 5

Year 5 performed a play telling the story of Democracy over the ages.

Visit to Benacre - Year 5

Year 5 spent the day on the Benacre Estate learning about the countryside and coastal erosion. We met lots of working dogs, learnt about the work of
Sheep farmers about how forests are managed and about crops and how they are grown.

Be like Darwin - Explorer Day - Year 2

Today the children came in dressed up as explorers. They looked as if they were ready to blend into their surroundings. Many of them carried useful tools for exploration eg compasses, collecting pots, binoculars and bird books. We were being historians for the day and were learning about the voyage of Charles Darwin on board the HMS Beagle. We set off around the school field, stopping at different key points of Darwin’s journey. Cape Verde was exciting, followed by Montevideo where Darwin bought the skull of the Toxodon, a kind of gigantic, prehistoric mammal , similar to a rhino. We all laughed at how Darwin discovered The Rheas, a kind of bird similar to the ostrich and made our way to the Galapogas islands where Darwin made some of his most amazing discoveries.
Charles Darwin was seasick for most of the journey and found he could only swallow raisins so after a quick snack the children went on to find their own specimens of plants and rock to bring back to class. In the afternoon we talked about the groups animals belong to and had fun designing our own new species with attributes from two animal groups.
All of us were very tired from being so active and being out in the fresh air but we agreed we had used curiosity, independence and communication throughout the day.

Year 3 have been learning in the school’s garden

This week both year 3 classes spent an afternoon in the school’s garden for a ‘Sparkling Start’ to our Green Grass of Home topic. This term we will be learning about light and plants in science so were excited to learn more about how plants grow. Over the afternoon we planted, weeded and watered, as well as exploring the soil for mini-beasts. We enjoyed the experience so much that we wanted to encourage more classes to visit the garden. We all created posters inspired by what we could see around us. We are going to display these around the school.

Schools Farm and Country Fair, Ipswich - Year 4

Year 4 had a fantastic visit to the School Farm and Country Fair in Ipswich this week. We watched sheep being shorn, met and held some very cute farm animals and learnt a lot about wildlife including seeing a live bee hive. Some of us even tasted honey! 
At the end of the day, we were treated to a tractor and trailer ride. All adults, including the fair stewards, were extremely impressed with the behaviour of everyone. Well done Year 4! 

Retelling the story of Boudica by creating a short film - Year 3

Year 3 used our new animation software and webcams to create short films about the story of Boudica. What a great cross curricular project!

Visit to Community Shop - Year 1

Year 1 visited the local shop to practice buying items and calculate their change. They all learnt a lot about how we work with money.

Oral Hygiene Workshop - Year 4

This week, we had an oral health visitor in to help us learn about oral hygiene. We learnt about different food types and how many teaspoons of sugar were in certain snacks. Some of these were quite shocking for both the children and adults. We took a disclosing tablet to show areas of our teeth which we were missing. The dental nurse then taught us how to brush our teeth properly. This was lots of fun and we all learnt a lot.  

Hands on Heritage - Tunstall Forest. Year 3

Wolves Class
Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Tunstall Forest for a Hands on Heritage adventure. They found out what Ancient Briton children would have lived like and enjoyed activities such as making fires, pewter jewellery, weaving and shell painting. Everyone carved their own butter knife. The children were praised for their good behaviour and impressed Duncan the archaeologist with their knowledge of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

Bees Class
On the 5th March, the Bees class went on the Hands on Heritage trip, to spend a day living as a Celt. We learnt about the Celtic way of life through the following amazing activities: Fire starting, weaving, carving wooden knifes, using Stone and Iron Age drills to make shell necklaces and melting metal to make jewellery. It was the most amazing day, with everyone learning new skills.
Here are some quotes from the children about what they learnt and enjoyed on that amazing day out:
“I learnt how to use a very sharp tool safely. It was really fun making the butter knife.” Abbie
I really enjoyed the metal making as we learnt to carve a mould and pour the hot metal in safely. The Celts did this to make accurate swords and spears.”  Viva
“I enjoyed shell decorating because we learnt that the Celts wore these as jewellery. We found out that archaeologists have discovered skeletons buried with shell jewellery on.” Jasmine F
“We were shown a way to make fire, but this was not how the Celts did it. They didn’t have a fire steel to make the sparks. They had to use flints to make sparks, which is really tricky. I loved learning how we can use things from nature to help us.”    Stanley

Visit by our Member of Parliament, Peter Aldous. Year 5

Our MP, Peter Aldous came into school to tell Year 5 pupils about his job and the work of Parliament and the Government which linked into Year 5's
topic Who's the Boss which is centered around Democracy.

Visit to Parliament, London. Year 5

Year 5 visited The Houses of Parliament in London to learn about how Democracy works in the UK. The children also took part in a mock debate in the
new Parliament Education Centre. We even had time for a look around the Science Museum too.

Time and Tide Museum - Year 4

On Monday 4th March 2019, Year 4 went to the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. After we arrived, we were split into 3 groups to do the activities. There were 4 activities to do. Everyone was extremely excited! The first of the activities was training to be a Viking Warrior. The second activity we learnt how the Vikings buried their warriors; some were even buried in their longships! The third activity was packing a chest for an Anglo Saxon voyage across the sea and the final activity was learning about King Edmund. Sadly, it was time to leave after all that excitement. All the adults were really proud of the how well we represented our school.  Recount by Year 4 pupils.

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