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Curriculum Wow Factor

 We aim to enrich our learning in school by the use of guest speakers and educational visits where ever possible to bring our learning alive. A selection
of these are reproduced below. Our school gallery page also has pictures of more general school events.

Visit to Community Shop - Year 1

Year 1 visited the local shop to practice buying items and calculate their change. They all learnt a lot about how we work with money.

Oral Hygiene Workshop - Year 4

This week, we had an oral health visitor in to help us learn about oral hygiene. We learnt about different food types and how many teaspoons of sugar were in certain snacks. Some of these were quite shocking for both the children and adults. We took a disclosing tablet to show areas of our teeth which we were missing. The dental nurse then taught us how to brush our teeth properly. This was lots of fun and we all learnt a lot.  

Hands on Heritage - Tunstall Forest. Year 3

Wolves Class
Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Tunstall Forest for a Hands on Heritage adventure. They found out what Ancient Briton children would have lived like and enjoyed activities such as making fires, pewter jewellery, weaving and shell painting. Everyone carved their own butter knife. The children were praised for their good behaviour and impressed Duncan the archaeologist with their knowledge of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

Bees Class
On the 5th March, the Bees class went on the Hands on Heritage trip, to spend a day living as a Celt. We learnt about the Celtic way of life through the following amazing activities: Fire starting, weaving, carving wooden knifes, using Stone and Iron Age drills to make shell necklaces and melting metal to make jewellery. It was the most amazing day, with everyone learning new skills.
Here are some quotes from the children about what they learnt and enjoyed on that amazing day out:
“I learnt how to use a very sharp tool safely. It was really fun making the butter knife.” Abbie
I really enjoyed the metal making as we learnt to carve a mould and pour the hot metal in safely. The Celts did this to make accurate swords and spears.”  Viva
“I enjoyed shell decorating because we learnt that the Celts wore these as jewellery. We found out that archaeologists have discovered skeletons buried with shell jewellery on.” Jasmine F
“We were shown a way to make fire, but this was not how the Celts did it. They didn’t have a fire steel to make the sparks. They had to use flints to make sparks, which is really tricky. I loved learning how we can use things from nature to help us.”    Stanley

Visit by our Member of Parliament, Peter Aldous. Year 5

Our MP, Peter Aldous came into school to tell Year 5 pupils about his job and the work of Parliament and the Government which linked into Year 5's
topic Who's the Boss which is centered around Democracy.

Visit to Parliament, London. Year 5

Year 5 visited The Houses of Parliament in London to learn about how Democracy works in the UK. The children also took part in a mock debate in the
new Parliament Education Centre. We even had time for a look around the Science Museum too.

Time and Tide Museum - Year 4

On Monday 4th March 2019, Year 4 went to the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. After we arrived, we were split into 3 groups to do the activities. There were 4 activities to do. Everyone was extremely excited! The first of the activities was training to be a Viking Warrior. The second activity we learnt how the Vikings buried their warriors; some were even buried in their longships! The third activity was packing a chest for an Anglo Saxon voyage across the sea and the final activity was learning about King Edmund. Sadly, it was time to leave after all that excitement. All the adults were really proud of the how well we represented our school.  Recount by Year 4 pupils.

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