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Core Learning Tasks and Guidance


Two reading challenges have been set. One covers the next two week period and the other for the Easter Holiday. Please can your child also record any reading into their reading record.

Some companies are arranging for free e-books and audiobooks for the upcoming weeks. Two examples of these are:



Whether you are trying a new book or picking up an old favourite, we would love to know what you have been reading. An optional additional task would be to write a book review of the books you lose yourself in over the next few weeks. We eager to know where you found yourselves and whether you would recommend your books to others!


We have set 5 activities to cover literacy. These are a mixture of reading and writing activities. The PDF will link you through. Follow the instructions for each activity. Work can be completed on a separate sheet to save printing!

-UKS2 British Science Week: Our Diverse Planet (This link has differentiated worksheets)

-UKS2 Mythical stories: Theseus and the Minotaur (This link has differentiated worksheets)

-Year 5 Relative clauses Warm Up Powerpoint

-Year 5 and Year 6 Statutory Spelling

-UKS2 Fix the Sentence Activity Powerpoint

As an optional extra, Pobble365 is a useful tool for using children’s imagination and using pictures to enhance their writing and inference skills. Children use this during their guided reading sessions so they are familiar with this resource. There is a difference picture for every day of the year so feel free to have a flick through the range of pictures and activities available on different days.

Please take a look: http://www.pobble365.com/


From Monday 23rd March to 2nd April we will be running an Owls vs Jaguars Times Tables Rockstars Battle! We hope to see as many of you joining as possible!

10 MyMaths activities have been set from Thursday 19th March to Thursday 2nd April. These can be completed at any time, we would encourage the children to try one a day and to access the lesson before giving the activity a go. Below are some possible links which may help support your children’s learning.

For those wishing to access more maths learning, MyMaths has a range of different ‘lessons’ you can follow by logging in, clicking on ‘Practise’, ‘Year 5’ and going through the range of lessons available.

Useful additional links for maths:

Converting fractions into decimals song

Converting fractions into decimals step by step

Science/Other curriculum areas:

We have set 5 activities to cover a mixture of Science and Topic. The PDF will link you through. Follow the instructions for each activity. Work can be completed on a separate sheet to save printing!

-Year 5 Gravity Investigation (This link has differentiated worksheets)

-All About Gravity Powerpoint

-What is Friction? KS2 Powerpoint

-Science Knowledge organiser (This document has a range of information on forces. Create a poster or leaflet about friction. This can include diagrams, pictures and any other facts you find.)

-Materials and Properties Home Learning Task (This is a separate PDF)

Useful links relating to friction in Science:

What is Friction?

BBC Bitesize Friction and Resistance  


Big Spell

Optional extra learning activities:

The other activities in the Twinkl interactive learning links and learning resources can also be completed if you would like to.

In addition, the following websites provide some useful extra learning activities for you to complete:




Go Noodle has a range of indoor workouts and dances that we know the children love. We highly recommend the children stay as active as possible over the next two week period and beyond!


You can also check the ‘Kids Zone’ section of the website (‘Learning’ tab) for other suggestions for English and Maths websites.

 Other useful links:
School email account
My Maths
TT Rockstars

Year group staff contact email address

If you have any queries about the work or general enquiries about the home learning that has been set then you can email the teachers at this email address and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that it will not be possible to give detailed 1:1 feedback about your child via this service.


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