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Year 4 W/c 6th July


Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Monday 6th July

English (Writing):

Watch the video clip below

Watch the video clip more than once and feel free to pause it at different points. Talk with an adult or write down things you notice in the video. Is there anything that stands out to you?
Play the video but close your eyes, what sounds can you hear?
Write down the order of events in the video.

These notes/discussions will help you with the activities later this week.

This week, we are going to move onto learning about calculating area. 

Visit the Oak Academy Area lesson 1. To start with, watch the video and complete the activities within the video. Feel free to break the video up, you don’t have to watch it all in one go.  

Once you have watched the video, have a go at the task which involves estimating and measuring the area of different objects around your home. 

Think about what you learnt in the video, could you count the squares along the length and then along the width and multiply them together. Is this a quicker method?


Please log in to Developing Experts to complete the lesson on cold blooded amphibians and reptiles. Watch the presentation and complete the quiz. Don’t worry about the missions, we are going to complete that over the next two days. 

Tuesday 7th July

English (Writing):

Feel free to watch the video clip again to refresh your memory. 

Imagine you were the last one to leave the swimming pool and you heard strange noises. You have hidden behind one of the seats in the seating area above the pool. 

Write a short paragraph describing what happened as if you were an eye witness. Think about writing in first person (I was crouched down behind a plastic seat, listening intently to the strange noises echoing around me. I slowly peeped over the top of the seat to have a sneaky peak. I couldn’t believe my eyes.) 

Challenge: Try to add a twist to your paragraph. Write to make the reader think they are humans diving then reveal towards the end of your paragraph that it’s in fact giraffes. Think about what could give the twist away towards the end of your paragraph. For example: As the divers' long neck reached over the back of the seat, I realised my hiding place had been discovered. 


We are going to continue our learning about area today. 

Watch the Oak Academy Area Lesson 2.

Then complete the calculating the area of the map activity. The answers are also given towards the end of the video. 

Here is a copy of the Calculate the Area of the map and table worksheet  if you wish to print and complete. 


If you want to, return to Developing Experts and recap the presentation you watched yesterday. 

Using the internet or information gained from Developing Experts, design a fact sheet about a cold blooded amphibian or reptile of your choice. You could use the animals we sorted last week to help you select one to create a fact sheet on. 

Use the Cold Blooded Animal fact sheet template to help you. 

Wednesday 8th July 

English (Writing):

Taking inspiration from the Diving Giraffes, design a film storyboard of your own film clip with animals doing something unusual.

It could be elephants on a trampoline or lemurs playing on the slide at a playground. Let your imagination run wild! 

Use the Film Clip Storyboard Template to help you structure your board. 

Write a short sentence next to each picture to explain what is happening. 


We are going to mix maths and reading comprehension a little bit today. 

Have a go at calculating the area of the chocolate boxes then answer the questions about the area of the boxes in full sentences. 

You have 3 levels of challenge for this activity (1 star = paddling, 2 star = snorkelling and 3 star = diving) The answers are also provided. 


If you want to, return to Developing Experts and recap the presentation you watched on Monday. Today your task is to compare a cold blooded amphibian and a cold blooded reptile. You may need to use the internet again to find the facts you need. The areas you are going to compare are their body features, habitat (where they live), diet (what they eat) and birth/life cycle. 

 Use the Cold Blooded Animal comparison template to help you. 


Thursday 9th July

English (SPAG):

Read through the Spot the Mistake sentences. Can you spot the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes? Rewrite the sentences underneath with the corrections. I have given you a clue of how many mistakes are in each sentence.

Here are the Spot the Mistake answers for you to check your spotting! 



Now we have had lots of practice calculating area, here is a challenge. 

Area - Make a Word. 

Find the area of the shapes. Each area amount is linked to a letter, once you have all the areas/letters unjumble the letters to make a maths related word. 

You have 3 levels of challenge for this activity (1 star = paddling has squares to count , 2 star = snorkelling has some squares to count and some coloured in, and 3 star = diving has all the squares coloured in. The answers are also provided. 


Look at the Fitness cards these are a range of activities you could complete in your living room or around your garden. They are mainly thinking about different ways to travel including jumps, hops and different ways of walking. There are also challenge questions to have a go at. You don’t need to do all the cards, just select the cards which you want to complete. 

Friday 10th July  

Time Capsule Friday

Gather all your Time Capsule sheets together to make a final booket. Go back through your time capsule pages and add any additional information, colour or drawing to any of the pages. 


Watch the Youtube clip on how to calculate the area and perimeter of your name.


Use the squared paper template to help you if you need it. Otherwise you could draw out your name and use the squares you cut out on Monday to help you calculate the area. 


The first topic you will be completing in year 5 is Space. Here are a few space related craft activities to have a go at. You don’t have to do them all, we only expect you to complete one. 

Cardboard Tube Rocket 

Hand and Foot Print Aliens (This may be a bit messy but lots of fun!)

Paper Plate Flying Saucer

Space Themed Printing Picture

Spaceship Porthole. 

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