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Year 3 Home Learning

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This week’s homework

If your child was in school today, they should have received the character description homework. You can download the file below:

Core Learning Tasks and Guidance

Please note that if we were notified that a child does not have access to the internet at home then paper copies of worksheets were made available where possible.

Resources for SEND have also been provided separately. Specific maths challenges have been set up on the MyMaths application and can be accessed directly.


You have been set two challenges. One to be completed before the Easter holidays and one for over the Easter holidays. Please bring them back to school completed to get a prize. Make sure an adult signs your challenges.


PLEASE note that when you download the Twinkl resources there are usually 3 levels of challenge, the top one being the easiest (paddling). The answers are usually at the end. We would suggest only printing the level you would like to work at.

1) Inference challenge cards

2)  LKS2 Spring Fix the Sentence Activity Mat Pack. This is a resource to help you practise spellings and punctuation.

3)  LKS2 British Science Week: Our Diverse Planet Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

4)  LKS2 Lucy and the Leprechaun - A St. Patrick's Day Story Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

5) Writing. Either on the computer or paper we would like you write a letter to apply for the job of Roman Soldier. (Think back to what you learn at the workshop we did with Brutus at Norwich Castle.) You could also watch this PowerPoint to learn more about the Roman army:


1. MyMaths – 10 activities

We will be using the MyMaths application. You can access it via: https://www.mymaths.co.uk/

You can logon to MyMaths using the same login you use for Rockstars. We have set ten activities for you to do. You should watch the lesson with the activities and then when you feel confident move onto the homework set. You can practise the homework set a number of times before you logon again and complete the set homework. Your teacher will be able to see what you have accomplished when you finish your homework.

We have set lessons related to number, multiplication and division (8 timestable) and fractions. Most of the work set is related to fractions as this is what we would have been covering in school. As we haven’t covered fractions much this year, we have started by setting your tasks that recap on fractions objectives from Year2. We then move onto the year 3 units.

Your teacher will long periodically to check what you have achieved.

Units to cover:

1) Y3 – Place Value HTO

2) Y3 -Ordering Whole numbers

3) Y3 Greater than / Less than

4) Y2 Introducing Fractions

5) Y2 Simple Fractions

6) Y2 modelling fractions of amounts

7) Y3 More fractions

8) Y3 Fractions on the number line

9) Y3 Fraction Calculations

10) Y3 8 timestable

2. Rockstars daily challenge

Please aim to do 2x 10 minutes sessions per day.  Your teachers will aim to logon each day to check your progress. We could all try to loon at 11 and 3 each day and play against each other. Can you get to the top of the year group leader board?

Science/Other curriculum areas:

PLEASE note that when you download the Twinkl resources there are usually 3 levels of challenge, the top one being the easiest (paddling). The answers are usually at the end. We would suggest only printing the level you would like to work at.

1) Roman Solider labelling activity

2) Healthy Eating – a recap on work completed in the Autumn term. Watch this PowerPoint to refresh your memory about food groups:

…..Now answer the questions on these challenge cards:

3) Nutrition Home Diary – you could use the template here to keep a food diary over the week. Or if you prefer you could create your own and illustrate it as you see fit.

4) Stone Age Animals interactive colouring – What can you remember about the Stone Age animals we learnt about at the beginning of Year3? Colour them in appropriate colours.

5) Hand Washing Soap Experiment

Big Spell

Optional extra learning activities

If we had been in school, we would have made a stop-go animation of the Boudicca revolt. You could access the Scratch website online and create your own scene of one of the battles. You can access this via https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/31876/ . Can you get the characters to move and speak? Can you program them to speak after specific events, e.g. When a key is pressed or after a certain amount of time? Save your work and make a note of the file. Remember, to bring this back to class so we can all enjoy your amazing work.

We are an amazing year group for art. Why not paint a portrait of Boudicca, Celts or the Roman army?

We all loved the Roman soldier workshop at Norwich Castle. Why not write a fact file about the Roman Army? Or you could write a diary entry of a soldier fighting against Boudicca.

The other activities in the Twinkl interactive learning links and learning resources can also be completed if you would like to.

In addition the following websites provide some useful extra learning activities for you to complete:

My Maths




Year group staff contact email address

If you have any queries about the work or general enquiries about the home learning that has been set then you can email the teachers at this email address and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that it will not be possible to give detailed 1:1 feedback about your child via this service.


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