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Keyworkers Class


Keyworkers Class

Den Building

Staff have worked hard clearning brambles in the Nature Garden so it can be used by the children, on this occasion for den building. 


Some of the children created a short film about dinosaurs. We thought they were pretty impressive, make sure you turn up the volume on your computer for the full effect!


Art and Crafts

Animal enclosures in Zoos

The children have been learning about animal enclosures at zoos and have looked at some live cams for inspiration. They then built some animal enclosures for a range of wild animals using the construction materials. The children thought carefully about what enrichment activities the animals might need to keep them entertained, despite being in a zoo and not the wild!

Building on the topic this week, the children have created their own zoos full of enrichment for their animals! They were very excited to share pictures of their zoos with everyone.

The children made this amazing video with Mrs Clark, Mr Midmore and Mr Clifford.

IMG_1031 (1).MOV

Outdoor Art

Bug hunting and circus week.

Outdoor fun...

Green pod have dug in a pond in our school garden! Mr Sprules has also helped us to fix all the fairy doors that the key worker pods made in key worker pods a few weeks ago.
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