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Tomb Raiders Part 1

The first half of the spring term is already at an end, marking the mid-way point of your child’s journey through Year 6, and what a half term it has been! The Year 6 team are so proud of your children, and all of the fantastic progress they have made, especially in spelling, punctuation, grammar and maths.

This half term we have all enjoyed learning about Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We have completed internet treasure hunts and we have created timelines that compare the chronology of different eras in Egypt and Britain. Most notably, we have raided the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and are currently examining the riches that were found within!  

Finally, the children have put a lot of time and effort into their story based on “The Smiling Princes” – they contain some great humour, and some children even wrote from the viewpoint of a camel! We also held an online safety assembly this week, looking at staying safe online.

Tomb Raiders Part 2

Looking ahead to the next half term: In the first week back we have an exciting day planned, as an Ancient Egyptian Murder Mystery will be provided by Pakefield High School. This day has a forensic science focused; children have to deduce which suspect murdered the unfortunate pharaoh, and how they did it!

In topic, children will be writing a set of instructions, teaching the reader how to mummify a dead pharaoh efficiently! Later in the term children will then adopt the style of Tolkien to write their own short story based on The Hobbit.

As part of the PE curriculum children will improve their badminton skills, and we will also look at how exercise affects the body (eg. pulse rate and temperature).

In science, we will link the PE work with studying the human circulatory and digestive systems.

The grand finale of the topic will be “The British Museum Exhibition of Egyptology”. During this afternoon, children will show-case all of the artefacts and learning from the Tomb Raiders topic. Parents and carers are invited, and your child will show you around the museum in the role of expert curators.

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