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Physical Education

At Carlton, we strive to provide our pupils with as many opportunities as possible to achieve their potential in Physical Education. We provide all children with 2 hours curriculum time, where children will learn Gymnastics, Dance, Games, Outdoor Skills and Athletics. They will also learn to swim from Key Stage 2 across the year, with a specialised swimming instructor.

We teach these areas mainly using the Val Sabin© scheme, but most year groups will use cross-curricular planning to provide physical activity linked to their topic. See the Programme of Study for further details.

Children will also be given the chance to participate in sport at lunchtimes with the help of our Year 4 Playleaders, who lead activities such as ball games and racket sports.

We also provide adult-led sports clubs on some lunchtimes and after-school, providing children with further opportunity to progress their skills in a sport.

We then enter a range of competitions over the year to allow children to experience competitive sport and meet children from other schools.      

Clubs running this year:

“I Love all the clubs you get to do at school”

2016 - Year  4

“ I really enjoy going to so many places for competitions”

2016 - Year  6

“ I like the lunchtime competitions that we do every week”

2016 - Year  2

Competitions this year:

March 2016      Cross Country Running Event

On the 2nd March some children from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to St Felix for a Cross Country Running Competition.  It was very cold and at some point during the day it started raining and hailing.  The younger children had a short track to run and the older girls and boys had a slightly harder and longer track to run.

Everyone waited very patiently for their turns.  The year 6 girls had to go last because of the order they put us in.  Everyone did so well!  They believed in themselves and used determination to help them in the cold rain.

A special mention must go to Millie Weddle (3rd), Lilia Clarkson (2nd) and Harvey English (3rd) who were placed individually, but all the teams performed superbly.

Bethany (Year 6)

Year 5 were invited to a badminton tournament which was held at Sir John Leman High School.

We had been practising badminton at after school club with Mrs Drinkell and four children were selected to play - two boys, Finley and Jack, and two girls, Lola and Susan.

The boys played against boys from other schools and the girls played against other girls.  Some of the matches were really close and we found that the more matches we played, the better we got!

The boys won 3 matches and lost 3, the girls also won 3 matches and lost 3.  Both the boys and the girls came 4th overall.

It was quite exhausting but it was a good, fun experience.

Lola (Year 5)

Cross Country Tournament – Worlingham Primary School

Nervously, everybody gathered in the Atrium in preparation for the Cross Country competition. Some children hadn’t gone to the previous competition and so were even more nervous!  All of a sudden it was time to go and before we knew it, we were at Worlingham.  Thankfully, the sun was shining brighter than fire, although it was very cold.  We were shown the long, but fairly simple course and after all the schools were shown around the course, the organiser told us what was going to happen.

The Year 4 girls were to run first, followed by the Year 4 boys, the Year 5 girls and last to run were the Year 5 boys.  Year 4 ran 1km and individually Josephine came 5th which was a fabulous result and as a team the girls were placed 2nd whilst the boys came 3rd.  Fantastic teamwork from Carlton Colville!

Year 5 had to run an extra 700m and this was extremely hard as most of it was uphill!  As we were running, the marshalls showed us the way but also encouraged us to keep us going.  We all tried our hardest and finished the course.

A great effort was shown by all the runners with a special mention to Josephine and the Year 4 athletes.

Kathryn (Year 5)

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