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Year 2 – Spring 2 2018.

What a busy half term we have had in year 2. We have learnt a lot about the local floods and went on a school trip to see the Lowestoft sea wall and evidence of how high the floods reached in the past. We designed, built, tested and evaluated our own food barriers as part of our Design Technology lessons. To end the topic, we were lucky to receive visitors from the Environment Agency and the Suffolk Emergency Planning departments. We all learnt so much about how these people protect the area from flooding and also how they predict when a flood might occur and how they then help the public in these emergencies.  

We all really enjoyed our Grace Darling project, in which we combined our learning in literacy, history and computing. We create stop motion animations of her experiences on that fateful night and played our films to other adults in the school to help them learn her story. The children were very proud of their work. We were delighted with the excellent recounts the children subsequently wrote.

In science week, we were amazed by stories a Polar Explorer shared with us. He inspired some of us to want to become explorers ourselves! We used time this week to learn a lot about David Attenborough and his recent campaign to help reduce the amount of plastics in the ocean. The children developed their computing skills by making a short film, using Photostory, to persuade people to reduce the amount of plastics they throw away. We also used plastic bags in our art work. We weaved some beautifully patterned fish and created a wall display.


In maths, we have all developed a better understanding of fractions and we have also revised subtraction.  In science, we have learnt about the structure of plants and are currently finishing a growing experiment.  

Year 2 – Summer 1 2018.

Our new topic is called ‘Nature Detectives’ and we will be covering lots of Science and Geography objectives. Over the half term our learning will be focused on our local environment. We will be investigating and exploring animals and plants in their local habitat. We will start by learning about Charles Darwin. We will look at the amazing journey he took around the world and will link this to learning the names and locations of the continents and oceans of the world. We will also be learning the four countries of the UK and the names of the surrounding seas.

In literacy, we will be creating our own stories about a new creature that Charles Darwin could have found whilst exploring. We will also be learning to write detailed and accurate instruction texts.

In maths we will start with lots of practical lessons to develop our measuring skills. We will also be revising our calculation skills.

At home continue to support your child’s learning by;

Reading and sharing stories on a daily basis. Can you find any that link to our topic?

Continuing to practise the high frequency word bank spellings.

Practising neat handwriting including ascenders and descenders and joins if ready.

Practising the mental recall of 2, 5 and 10 multiplication and division facts.

Practise mental recall of doubles and halves to 20.

Securing number bonds for numbers from 5 to 20, both addition and subtraction facts.

Studying maps of the UK in order to name the countries and the surrounding seas.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to pop in and ask any member of the Year 2 team J

Mrs Whyte and Mrs Gray

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