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Year 4 have been incredibly busy and aspirational this half term, taking on a variety of learning tasks. Maths has been based around measurement, particularly time and money. It would be great if the skills the children have learnt could be encouraged at home, as they have all made super progress here. Telling the time to the nearest five minutes and working out change from a given amount are topics we will revisit continually at school, so the more practise the better! Lots of writing has been enjoyed, through stories inspired by Beowulf to discussion texts around whether the Vikings should have invaded Britain. A fantastic trip to the Time and Tide Museum meant that the children experienced life in Anglo Saxon and Viking times. The children have been immersed in their Anglo Saxon and Viking topic and the end of the term brought us our exciting Anglo Saxon day! The children dressed as Anglo Saxons whilst cooking and visiting our wonderful Roundhouse. Thank you to the adults who were able to join the children in hearing their riveting Beowulf stories and watching their effective Viking long ship dance. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did!

Looking ahead to next term, Year 4’s new topic will be ‘Go With The Flow’, where the learning will be based around coasts and rivers. There will be an exciting trip to Benacre, which will involve a trip to the beach and to the woods nearby. Here, the children will learn about coastal erosion and look at what can be found in nature. We are looking to spend even more time outside as the weather (hopefully!) warms up, so please ensure the children have a waterproof with them at school and sun cream is worn on sunnier days. Maths and Topic work will be areas where outdoor learning will take place, from measuring capacity, length and mass, to learning about how rivers are created and demonstrating the water cycle. In addition, Science will feature heavily this term, where the children will enjoy learning about states of matter and classification of plants and animals. Going forward, we would love to hear that the children are still using Rock Stars to help them learn their times tables, as they use them so much in their learning throughout the year. Lots of them have made fantastic progress with this this year which is a great boost to their confidence! Thank you for your continued support.