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Spring 2

Over the past half term we have been thinking about some of the people who help us in our day to day lives, both at home and in the wider community.

We began with the people who help us at home and made a “thank you” card after a discussion about the things they do for us. We also looked at family diversity and some of the things that make us similar or different as individuals.

Our dress up day (as Florence Nightingale or a soldier from the Crimean war) was very successful and we would like to thank everybody for making this happen. We had a role-play hospital, wrote a get well message to Miss Polly’s Dolly and made an “x-ray” picture of our hands. We were also lucky enough to have a nurse visit both sessions.

We thought about dentists and how they look after our teeth. We did some counting activities and gave a lot of thought to the different foods/drinks that make our teeth happy/sad. Again we were lucky to have a visit from Marijka, an oral hygiene educator from J. G Plummer dentists.

The children then thought about who looks after sick animals and we created a role-play vets surgery. This time Gordon from the PDSA came to talk to the children about caring for animals.

Next half term our theme in Nursery will be “How does your farm grow?” We will begin by looking at a wide range of seeds, counting, comparing and sorting in different ways. We will move on to planting various seeds and learning how to care for them, and again, measuring and comparing the plants. As the plants grow, we will learn the names of the different parts.

We will learn that lots of the foods we eat come from tiny seeds and think about the jobs that farmers do to grow the many and varied fruits, vegetables and cereals. As part of this we will look at the different types of machinery used on farms to help with various jobs.

We could not look at growing different foods without cooking some of them and we hope to make some vegetable soup, some fresh bread and even our own butter. We will also think about the breakfast cereals we eat and the grains used to create such a wide range!

We will be learning the story “The Little Red Hen” to fit in with our theme and look forward to working closely with you through this exciting half term..

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