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Summer 1

Over the past half term, we have been looking at growing and farming. We looked at and sorted lots of different vegetable seeds, used vegetables for printing patterns and made vegetable soup, preparing the ingredients ourselves.

We also had lots of books and pictures to help us find out about and compare different kinds of farm machinery, new and old, and used 2D shapes to make a picture of a tractor.

While learning the story of “The Little Red Hen” we made our own bread and butter.

The children all planted a bean seed, broad or runner, and we discussed why farmers have scarecrows in the fields before collaging our own.

We had a cereal tasting session, looking at the different types of breakfast cereals made from the various grains grown.

We ended this half term with a science week and lots of fun Easter activities , including cooking and an egg hunt.

Over the summer term, we have an exciting new theme planned and we can’t wait to get started on all of the wonderful learning opportunities!

Our theme across the whole of the summer term is “Around the World”

During this first half of the term we will be concentrating on European countries. We will begin by thinking about our local environment, what we see on our way to school and the route we take to school (simple map work). After this we will think about other regions of the United Kingdom including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We will then look at the bigger picture and look at countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Within this theme we will look at famous buildings, the flags, festivals, music, homes people live in, native animals, artists and food.

We will continue, alongside the theme, to practise our maths skills. We will count daily and use these skills to try some simple addition.

In literacy we will continue with our phase 2 phonics daily and practise mark making for a wide range of purposes including filling in forms, creating tickets for travel and making a “passport”.

Exciting role-play opportunities will include a travel agents and a café.

Please see also the curriculum information.

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